In Tentaclescape, you play as Cthulhu — Great Old One, object of cultish worship, unfathomably terrifying, and now, monster-with-his-head-trapped-in-a-monster-hunter's-box. To break free, all you need to do is fully fill the box with your tentacles, which will cause the box to shatter.

There's only one problem — that silly monster hunter keeps throwing more boxes at your head!


  • 76 curated puzzle levels
  • stylized, original 2D art inspired by vintage packaging
  • atmospheric music and sound effects


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorsFeydkin, Quinn
Tags2D, Atmospheric, blocks, Dark Fantasy, Hand-drawn, Lovecraftian Horror, Singleplayer, Unity

Development log


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Tentaclescape (Full 100 Levels)


Thanks for checking us out! <3


Hey, we think this game is awesome (fun and thinky, just the way we like it). We'd love to feature this game on -- please email us at if you're interested!


When CMG itself replies to an itch game: 


Great Small game, always love to see this type of original art work . 

I Would recommend to put like the letter "R" for restart. i know there is a buttom for that , but sometimes it just quicker that way. Thanks for making the game anyway.

Hi RafazCruz, that's easy enough to do. I will add something next release. Thanks for your feedback!

Okay, the "R" key now resets the board. :)

Yeah way better , and that way i dont really need to reach out my hand to the mouse and hava a full keyboard experience.

Very fun but when you reset your game you lose all your progress.

Hi Riverbank3, we've pushed an update that allows you to keep your progress. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy!


clever puzzles wrapped  in a nice design. Great little game!

Thanks, friend. We appreciate you checking it out. :)


will you ever make a downloadable version

Hi Ash, I don't think so but I will consider it in the future. Tentaclescape was produced for a game jam. Thanks for your feedback!


Sound effects are super, great atmosphere, fun gameplay :)

Two questions:

  • Is there a way to quickly get back to levels you previously reached? I closed my browser and came back to the game, only to have to smash the arrow button for several minutes to get back to the level I was at aha

  • Is the central box meant to be plain purple/blueish? I see in the screenshots a nice cute Cthulhu but it seems to be a placeholder for me! :(

Fantastic job, really entertaining to play!

Hi vallode, it should look like in this video. Can you try a different browser and see if it shows up properly? I haven't heard of this issue until today.

On both Firefox ESR and Chrome latest I see the below:

As you can see, everything else seems to work! It’s rather strange haha. I’m on Debian 10. Let me know if you need any more info, no idea what might be going on here!

I've never seen this, and I can't reproduce it, so I've asked for help from the Unity community. I'll let you know if we find a solution for you.


Thanks a lot for putting the effort in :) I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an issue with my system but I haven’t ran into similar issues in other web unity projects! Strange! I’ll be popping back to play in the next few days for sure!

Hi vallode, I've not received any response from the Unity community regarding the sprite issue. I don't anticipate getting one at this point. Sorry. :( However, we just pushed a new update that saves your progress so you might find that useful. Take care


This is such a fun game. It took a few levels to realize you don't pick a tentacle to move, but once I figured it out, I understood the puzzle nature. Thank you!

Hi triptych, we're glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback. :)


Very addictive and very fun! The art and the levels are really well done. Very nice work.

Thanks so much for your kind comment! Glad you enjoy the game :)


Level 21. But I am good with puzzles. The graphics are well done. A recommendation as the game processes you can add collectibles as bonus.

Hi Miguel, thanks for the feedback!


Levels 1-9 😌

Level 10 🥵

Very cool puzzle premise, love the art and aesthetic! The difficulty spike is suuuper high, but I enjoyed a lot! I finished through L11 (I guess the first auto-generated one?) and 12 hung on the pre-level loading screen; I had fun though!

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Hi jakefriend, Thank you for your kind words! We've upload a patch to resolve the issue you described.


Wow! This game is so cool! I WANT TO ESCAPE THE 100 LEVELS but I was stuck in the 11th, I need to try again in a few days after a well-deserved death night rest

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Hi Angela, your enthusiasm for tentacles is appreciated! We've uploaded a patch so you should be able to reach your goal now. :)